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Alabama's Wild Oysters

Oysters have been an important part of Alabama's human history for thousands of years. Huge shell middens at archeological sites on the coast and barrier islands indicate the species’ importance to the indigenous people of Alabama as far back as 6,000 years ago. In modern times, oysters have continued to serve as a valuable fishery.

Modern harvest records begin in 1880, and they document the decline of the wild reefs as unsustainable practices were employed in the oyster harvest. Today, Alabama's reefs aren't what they once were, but oyster catching is still an important economic activity and a piece of the heritage of the gulf.

Sustainable practices and coordination with resource management groups ensure we won't repeat the same mistakes of the past, and more interest in wild-caught oysters inspires more investment in protecting and growing the reefs.

Alabama's wild-caught oysters capture the essence of our bays and estuaries, and have a natural, meaty taste. They are available from a number of seafood distributors, click here for more information.

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