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Located at the end of Fort Morgan Road in Mobile Bay, near the mouth of the Gulf of Mexico, the oysters have a pleasant brine flavor, with a clean cucumber finish.

Wines have Terroir, but Merroir is for oysters.

Oysters are animals that have adapted to their environment over millions of years. They can survive in many types of water, but there are only a few places where oysters can grow to be exceptional in flavor and quality.

Our farm’s unique location is one of those. It experiences large salty Gulf tidal flows and has shallow sandy banks. We have a more consistent salinity and a truly unique flavor of oyster, which embodies the merroir of our product.

Additionally, no development can occur to our Western access on the Gulf waters due to state and federal protection of the historic area. The Battle of Mobile Bay occurred just West of our farm, and “Damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead” is our motto, paraphrased from Admiral David Farragut, the victor of that battle who would not be deterred moving forward. Years of red tape and storm related delays have made us proud to finally be selling our delicious oysters to the region. This is sustainable, local food from the sea.


These oysters can be purchased from Bon Secour Fisheries Inc. 

Contact Farm Manager Joe Ingraham

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