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Located on Mon Louis Island, our oysters have a light brine and a smooth, buttery, plump, cucumber taste.

This boutique oyster, from the brackish Bay of the Holy Spirit, boasts a subtle, yet satisfying hint of salty sea air and bold, green golden flavors of nutrient rich waters, unique to coastal Alabama.


Tended with passion and dedication, these babies are the pride of the Bama Bay Family, thanks to the loving care of their oyster mamas, Bette Kuhlman and Dottie Lawley. Trailblazers in the oyster aquaculture community, Bette and Dottie, ran the first, and now only, woman owned and operated farm, Bama Bay, here along the Eastern shore of Mon Louis Island.


Harvested in their memory, these oysters honor our loved ones, B & D, lost in 2021, and carry with them their legacy, and love.

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