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Navy Cove Oysters are constantly bathed in the tidal exchange between the Gulf of Mexico and Southern Mobile Bay. Our Oysters are characterized by an umami of moderate brine, a rich, creamy, buttery texture and a sweet, cucumber-like finish.

Navy Cove Oysters carry the signature of a prominent "racing stripe" across the shell surface. They are easy to shuck with a bill or hinge oyster knife.

Navy Cove Oysters LLC was founded in 2011; it was born out of a long-term friendship and working relationship between marine science researchers Dr. John Supan and Dr. Charles Wilson. Eric Bradley, raised on a crawfish farm in south Louisiana, joined the partnership in 2016.  The partners sought to join a growing movement along the coastal regions of the Southern US and Gulf of Mexico to produce boutique, prized boutique oysters for the half-shell market.

Oysters can be ordered through:

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