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Grand Bay Alabama, off the Point Aux Pins peninsula.

Located in the beautiful waters of Grand Bay, Alabama, Point aux Pins was started by oyster farming pioneer, Steve Crockett and his wife Dema in 2009. As one of the first oyster farmers in Alabama, he raised nationally recognized oysters that are found in upscale restaurants and raw bars across the United States.

In September 2020, Hugh McClure took over the business joined by son, Dylan McClure. He began working with Crockett in 2013. McClure is a retired Navy and Army Combat Veteran.

Point aux Pins oysters are grown on suspended lines, so they never touch the ocean floor. Years have been spent perfecting the quality and taste of our oysters while maintaining a healthy environment. Their flavor is described as a clean,
buttery, creamed-corn kind of sea, mild on brine and big on oysterness.


These boutique-sized oysters are the perfect blend of meaty, salty and creamy.

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