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Dauphin Island

In 2012, lifelong oyster and island aficionados Andy and Cullan Duke, a father and son team, started the Mobile Oyster Company farm at the West End of Alabama’s barrier island, Dauphin Island. Their goals became threefold: to craft an exceptionally flavored oyster, connect themselves and others to Alabama’s Gulf Coast in a new and meaningful way, and help re-establish the oyster population of coastal Alabama. Through tropical storms, hurricanes, and now a pandemic, these objectives persist. Back in 2012 we were only the second oyster farm ever permitted in Alabama! The oysters, Isle Dauphines, have since proved a hit. And the Mobile Oyster Company’s farm has provided environmental services of inestimable value, having both filtered millions of gallons of water through the oysters’ feeding and by providing critical habitat for other species. We thank each of you, all of our customers and friends, for your support and encouragement, and look forward to a future even better than the past.

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